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Susan B. Trachman, MD is an award winning practicing psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience who is an expert in treating medically unexplained illnesses through the lens of psychiatry. In addition to private practice, she is an ​​Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Virginia Commonwealth University and Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at George Washington University, where she teaches medical students, residents and post-residency fellows in psychiatry.

From a very young age, Dr. Trachman was always interested in learning how things work. With an untraditional background in psychology and social work, Dr. Trachman focused her medical school training and attending physician work to becoming the go-to person for mystery cases. This passion continues in her practice today, and is the focus of her work, both academic and practical – exploring medically unexplained illness not for those studying them, but for those experiencing them, and with a dire need to understand them.

In Susan’s column, “It’s Not Just In Your Head,” at Psychology Today, she regularly writes about current events and how they intersect with mental health. Her articles are designated as essential reads by the Psychology Today editor and have been featured on the front page of the publication. She also regularly provides record review, independent medical evaluations, testimony and court appearance as a forensic psychiatrist.

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Read Susan’s Psychology Today Column: It’s Not Just In Your Head

In this column, Susan weighs in on current events and cultural phenomena through her lens as a psychiatrist and commonly helps decipher medically unexplained symptoms.



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Winner of Melbournes 3R Riveting Radio Award 2022

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Connection between Leaky Gut and Mood Disorders with Dr. Susan Trachman

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Lyme Through a Psychiatric Lense with Dr. Trachman

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Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society


Janet Glasgow Memorial Award for Academic Scholarship, University of Texas Medical School


Consumers Research Council of America “Best Psychiatrists in America”

2008, `10, `12, `14-16

Washingtonian Magazine, “Top Doctors in Washington”


Consumer’s Research Council of America “Best Psychiatrists in America”


“Top Doctors” Northern Virginia Magazine

Who’s Who Awards

2015 – Top Doctors Edition “America’s Best Doctors”

2008 – American Higher Education

2000- American Physicians

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A dynamic speaker, Susan has been regularly invited to give speeches and presentations to academic and public groups for over 20 years. Hire Susan for your next event to learn more about the link between physical and mental health

Speaking Topics

It’s Not Just In Your Head

This talk with Dr. Trachman focuses on evidence-based strategies, solutions and recommendations for those looking to improve their mind-body connection. From Lyme disease to heart disease, to how your diet affects your mood, Dr. Trachman takes audiences through the fascinating world of psychosomatics.

Exploring Medically Unexplained Symptoms

What do you do when time and time again you leave the doctor’s office without answers? In this speech, Dr.Trachman explores the approximately 160 million patient visits per year that are caused by unexplained symptoms, and provides hope for relief, healing, and better health.

Butterflies In Your Stomach

We’re all familiar with the phrase, “butterflies in your stomach,” but did you know it’s common to experience pain, gas, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea without in the objective findings such as lab results or radiographic scans? In this speech, Dr. Trachman discusses the bidirectional connection and influence of the autonomic nervous system on gut health.


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